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How Google+ is built

<img class='alignleft size-full wp-image-2498' style='margin: 5px;' title='google-plus-feature' src='' alt='' width='291' height='194' />If you’re curious about all things Google+, you’re in luck. The project’s technical lead, Google engineer Joseph Smarr, is currently hosting an online question and answer session about the ...


Those of us without the power of telekinesis have always felt a little bit sidelined when it comes to the smug super ability that is mind-control. Burning up with jealousy at those lucky few (Carrie, you're excluded), we've been hoping and ...

Giant rabbits

construction cleanup business . buiten bar . Before you ask what giant bunnies are doing right after Christmas, this story appeared about a year ago, but I wanted to share it here again.This German rabbit breeder breeds giant bunnies, each ...